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Question: How often should I use a NanoLub® engine Additive?
Answer: To get maximum results we suggest after every routine oil change to add our product in.

Question: How do I use these products?
Answer: After your routine oil change, simply open the bottle of NanoLub® additive, unscrew your oil cap and pour in additive. When your done please recycle the bottle.

Question: When does it start to work?
Answer: The beauty of our products is that it starts to work instantly. Our patented nano particle technology immediately begins to cycle with your existing oil to protect and heal your engine.

Question: What is nanotechnology?
Answer: Nanotechnology is cutting edge science that only we have. Picture thousands and thousands of round nano sized particles working as a team to repair microscopic stress cracks and creating smoother surfaces that increase your Anti-Wear and Anti-Friction properties of your current engine oil. Over time and the more pressure your engine is under these particles actually are designed to peal and leave their ultra smooth coatings on your engine’s metal surfaces creating a protected coating.

Question: What is wear and friction?
Answer: When components such as metal to metal parts slide against one another, the friction arising can wear the part down and cause overheating. Wear is the undesired removal of material from a component through tribosystems such as abrasion, adhesion, cavitation, erosion, fatigue and stress cracking, fretting, and impact.

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