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NanoLub Difference

Extend your Engine Oil
When you combine Nanolub® Engine Oil Additive with your oil you will maximize the life of your engine.  Engine Oil is the life blood of your vehicle, so you want to make sure you are giving it a fighting chance with your constant on the go lifestyle.  We’ve made it super easy and affordable  – open the bottle and pour one of our additives in after your routine oil change and you’re done!  Your vehicle takes care of you so repay the favor.

Increase Horse Power
Our line of engine oil additives create better lubrication between moving parts decreasing friction giving you extra horse power when you need it most. Every car, truck, bike and SUV on the road today is suffering from wear and friction issues that are robbing you of increased horse power.  Maybe you’ve noticed that slight hesitation when you hit your gas petal?  By adding a NanoLub® additive to your vehicle your not only helping the oils Anti-Friction properties but also the Anti-Wear Properties as well.

Reduce Fuel Consumption
Our fully formulated line of oil additives are proven to reduce fuel consumption which means less time at the pump and more money in your pockets. With the cost of fuel reaching record highs in certain areas isn’t it time you started saving some money?  Using our NanoLub® additives helps create a smoother more efficient running engine.

Heal your Engine
Through years of research and development we’ve learned that our patented nanoparticle technology actually has healing characteristics unlike anything that you’ve ever seen.  These particles are like little round bubbles that have the ability to fill in micro sized stress cracks and have the ability to shed it’s multi layers creating a smoother surface on all contacting metals in your engine even in the most extreme pressure conditions. The result is less friction and wear which might have cost you thousands of dollars in mechanical repairs.


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