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250 ml Diesel Engine Oil Additive


You demand the best out of your diesel engine and our single use 250 ml bottle can help exceed your expectations. Even in the most extreme pressure situations our patented Nano Formulation can help restore and heal your larger engine.

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The bottle that packs a big punch.

When you demand the best performance out of larger engine you end up putting more pressure on our engines oil to perform those tasks. Our 250 ml oil additive is formulated to enhance the properties of your engine oil by increasing the Anti-Wear and Anti-Friction properties

What does Nano Formulated mean?

In a word..protection.
NanoLub® products are researched and designed by the world’s leading scientists to create a specific formula that will significantly enhance the existing properties of your engine oil. By adding just one bottle every oil change to your car, truck, SUV or bike you can begin to protect your vehicle from the power robbing elements like excessive heat caused by wear and fiction.


Specifically formulated to boost the performance in larger diesel engines.
Superior Extreme Pressure (EP), Anti-Friction (AF), and Anti- Wear (AW) properties.
Compatible with both mineral and synthetic oils.
Can be used as part of the additives package for fully- formulated ready to use engine oil or as a top up after market product.


Reduce Fuel Consumption
Increase Horse Power
Decrease Engine Noise
Lower Harmful Emissions
Extend Engine Life

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